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May 2020

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Image Right as a Right to Privacy and its Applicability in Nigeria

#IPLawMadeEasy  with Omotayo Bolanle  3 minutes read If you’re a model, a photographer, a celebrity (now or in the making) or just a photo lover like myself then this is…

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The Shocking Truth About Platform Businesses: Here’s What You Need To Know

By Chukwuebuka Justus 3 minutes read In the industrial age, businesses competed on the supply economy of scale, which means if you can produce more, the unit cost of production…

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How And When To Protect An Innovative Idea

#IPLawMadeEasy with Omotayo Bolanle  2 minutes read. Protecting innovative ideas correctly is usually not an easy task and most times the examining registrars at the various relevant registries raise unexpected…

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Working From Home: The New Normal?

Lockdown Series with Samuel Chukwu Imagine you were watching a TV series titled “2020” and Season One has been tagged “The Pandemic”. Some of the most familiar scenes from this…

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