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December 2020

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Website Audit: Tips to Know Where Your Website Is Leaking and How to Fix It – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

4 Minutes read The whole process of communication and sales is anchored on attention. Getting the attention of a user, keeping the attention of the visitor or guiding the attention…

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STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO MOBILE WEB USABILITY TESTING. This article is a review of the CXL institute course on user persons, usability research and Testing. Are you aware that…

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The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (2019) Explained: Obligations of Public and Private Sector Organisations, Possible Recommendations – Orji Kelechi Clement

5 minutes read. Introduction Data in the 21st century is a most sought-after asset, as its uses vary according to the aims and objectives of the various organisations and individuals…

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Out of the Shadows: Embracing Your Inner Impostor – Ogechi Igbani

4 minutes read I had heard about the Impostor Syndrome several times in the past but never really bothered about what it meant until I encountered the character Renee Bennet…

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User Research – Understanding “why” Users Engage with your Product – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

4 minutes read Engaging and understanding your users is the number one way to create useful, profitable and value driven experience for your users. As a shop keeper, you may…

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