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3 minutes read. The 2017/18 Manchester City team that steamrolled the rest of the league into winning the Premier League title was made up of many nationalities from different parts…

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Website Audit: Tips to Know Where Your Website Is Leaking and How to Fix It – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

4 Minutes read The whole process of communication and sales is anchored on attention. Getting the attention of a user, keeping the attention of the visitor or guiding the attention…

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STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO MOBILE WEB USABILITY TESTING. This article is a review of the CXL institute course on user persons, usability research and Testing. Are you aware that…

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The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (2019) Explained: Obligations of Public and Private Sector Organisations, Possible Recommendations – Orji Kelechi Clement

5 minutes read. Introduction Data in the 21st century is a most sought-after asset, as its uses vary according to the aims and objectives of the various organisations and individuals…

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Out of the Shadows: Embracing Your Inner Impostor – Ogechi Igbani

4 minutes read I had heard about the Impostor Syndrome several times in the past but never really bothered about what it meant until I encountered the character Renee Bennet…

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User Research – Understanding “why” Users Engage with your Product – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

4 minutes read Engaging and understanding your users is the number one way to create useful, profitable and value driven experience for your users. As a shop keeper, you may…

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Five Copy Elements of Landing Page Optimization – CHUKWUEBUKA JUSTUS ASOGWA

In landing pages and other copywriting instances, there are elements to use in structuring and tweaking your copy for maximum impact on your audience. Some of the things stated in…

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Landing Page Optimization Research; Engaging the Sales Journey Stakeholders – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

Landing Page Optimization Research; Engaging the Sales Journey Stakeholders. There are two main types of LPO research; the qualitative and the quantitative research. Qualitative research focuses on answering the question…

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Emotional Content Strategy: Reaching the 90% of Consumers’ Brain – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

 Every decision we make has an emotional reason to it and marketers need to understand how to communicate with this part of the human brain to sell easier and faster.…

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3 Minutes Read For centuries, eggs have played a major role in feeding families around the globe. The oval shaped food is an unbeatable package when it comes to versatility…

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