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Sales Copywriting from the Customers’ Mind: The Data-Driven Way for Conversion Rate Optimization – Chukwuebuka Asogwa

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In this week’s post, we will be examining how sales copywriters like Momoko Price from the CXL Institute get into the head of their customers to learn how they think…

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Remaining Calm in the Midst of these Turbulent Times – Samuel C. Chukwu

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3 minutes read Just when we thought 2020 was done with its drama, we were served with yet another episode in this decade’s premier edition. For Nigeria and Nigerians, the…

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CRO: The Custodian of Marketing Performance? – CHUKWUEBUKA JUSTUS

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3 minutes read Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is about ideas; managing ideas, testing, collecting data about several digital marketing ideas, distilling that data to find patterns that will help businesses…

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Raising Responsible Citizens: What We Can Learn From Japan – Ogechi Igbani

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At the last FIFA Men’s World Cup (Russia 2018), Team Japan won the hearts of many across the globe. Yes, you read that right. They won many hearts not because…

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