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3 minutes read. The 2017/18 Manchester City team that steamrolled the rest of the league into winning the Premier League title was made up of many nationalities from different parts…

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Website Audit: Tips to Know Where Your Website Is Leaking and How to Fix It – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

4 Minutes read The whole process of communication and sales is anchored on attention. Getting the attention of a user, keeping the attention of the visitor or guiding the attention…

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Emotional Content Strategy: Reaching the 90% of Consumers’ Brain – Chukwuebuka Justus Asogwa

 Every decision we make has an emotional reason to it and marketers need to understand how to communicate with this part of the human brain to sell easier and faster.…

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Sales Copywriting from the Customers’ Mind: The Data-Driven Way for Conversion Rate Optimization – Chukwuebuka Asogwa

In this week’s post, we will be examining how sales copywriters like Momoko Price from the CXL Institute get into the head of their customers to learn how they think…

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CRO: The Custodian of Marketing Performance? – CHUKWUEBUKA JUSTUS

3 minutes read Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is about ideas; managing ideas, testing, collecting data about several digital marketing ideas, distilling that data to find patterns that will help businesses…

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Video Streaming in Africa: From Competition to Coopetition as Netflix and Amazon Prime Go on DSTV – CHUKWUEBUKA JUSTUS

3 minutes read If you’re of the school of thought that technology will not affect your line of work, or at least won’t cause a massive change that could put…

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Data in Law Practice: Mining the 21st Century Gold – Chukwuebuka Justus

4 minutes read Legal data analytics is a smart way to build a business case for legal practice. Apart from finding your firm on LinkedIn and seeing your tweets on…

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Data Strategy for Business: How Others are Using it and How You can Start Today

By Chukwuebuka Justus 3 minutes read In an economy where the coaching and consultancy industry is going virtual, where DJs have to play from their homes and transmit over the Internet…

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Network Effects And The African Platform Business

By Chukwuebuka Justus 2 minutes read In my previous post, I told you the shocking truth about platform businesses. In this article, I am going to show you how the…

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The Shocking Truth About Platform Businesses: Here’s What You Need To Know

By Chukwuebuka Justus 3 minutes read In the industrial age, businesses competed on the supply economy of scale, which means if you can produce more, the unit cost of production…

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