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  • August 10, 2018

#Lemonade: Beautiful Music from Broken Strings

#Lemonade: Beautiful Music from Broken Strings

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#Lemonade: Beautiful Music from Broken Strings

Life is not a bed of roses, you must have heard and repeated severally. For some, it is even a bush filled with thorns. Nonetheless, there are those that are born with golden, silver and wooden spoons, while others are born without any form of spoon whatsoever. What then do we do? Fold our hands and take the tide as it comes or swim against the tide? When life throw us lemons, what do we do with it? Accept it as our destiny and trudge along or try to make sweetened lemonades out of it.

To start with, what are the lemons of life? They include those situations, circumstances, experience, missed opportunities and unpalatable events that we undergo. Those periods when you seem to be walking “through the valley of the shadow of death”, when you ask yourself if God even remembers you and you can’t help but doubt when you read Romans 8:28 which declares that “all things work out for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose”.

Realistically, you begin to ask yourself how lack of admission can be working for your good, how being stuck in a low paid job is part of God’s great and perfect plans for your life and how the absence of a loving spouse could be the fulfillment of God’s promises to give you a fulfilling end.

You are led to conclude that this either means you don’t love the Lord enough despite your innumerable contributions to the body of Christ and your sacrifice, tithe, offering, evangelism and other spiritual investment in the Lord’s vineyard. Or is it that you are not called according to his purpose? At this junction, you can’t even remember the purpose for which you are called, how you received the call, or if there’s ever a call on your life.

The reality of life is that life happens, even to the best of us (you probably remember Job in the scriptures now). Christ did not promise a life without troubles to Christian, rather he assured that there will be victory despite the several afflictions and tribulations.

How do we convert the lemons (bitter fruits) that life throws at us to lemonade (a sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice)? As young professionals and entrepreneurs, how can we move from a position of disadvantage to advantage?

When life throws you lemon, do the following:

  • Be positive
  • Talk to someone who has gone down that path
  • Do the best with what you have at the moment.

It is possible to convert lack of admission to an opportunity to gain skillful knowledge, start a business, volunteer with NGO’s passionate about social issues, attend leadership classes or even launch an entrepreneurial gig. At #TheFellowship, we have a participant who relocated from the UK to Nigeria in other to discover her purpose, she decided to look out for free training programmes and this landed her a job after several rejections and months of being unemployed.

Another participant had to change his course of study, got swindled with false admission promises in Ghana, slept on the street for 2 months, eventually got a valid admission, completed his studies and was able to compose a song from his experience.

We are very positive that notwithstanding your current situation, all things will work out for your good if you remain positive and retain your trust in God. If Gideon (who was written off and rejected by his brothers as the son of a harlot) could reach the mountaintop of being a Judge in Isreal from his “Valley of the shadow of death”, then you can still make good things out of bad experiences. Broken crayons still colour canvasses and broken strings still produce beautiful music. We look forward to you making fine lemonades out of your lemon experiences.

Feedback: Will you like to share with us how you have been able to make something good from a bad situation thereby making lemonade out of lemons? We will be glad if you drop your comments in the section below.

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