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  • October 10, 2018

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

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Wiki defined “Mental health” as a level of well-being or an absence of mental illness; the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment. Good! Yet not enough for a Nigeria contemporary society where mental health can be defined as,

Ade: hi! How are you doing?

Obi: oh! I’m very fine, I’m good, thank you.

Are you actually good? Our Contemporary society as shape-shifted our mind to acquire what I classify to be “You-Must-Be Syndrome”.

This same society has consistently criticized, mocked, and devalued individuals who fail in some aspects of life; marriages, love, jobs, schools, achievement etc. Creating a mentally disoriented state of mind for her citizens. These forces the victims to become broken and shape shifted. They bear these like a stigma when they walk the streets.

The statistics from the World Health Organization shows that at least 4% of Nigerians suffer from mental health issues. Young professionals and Enterpreneurs are not exempted from this category as they experience different level of stress, depression, anxiety etc.

Today, I ask you, do you truly know who YOU are?

You’re a mixture of colours; love, hate, happiness, sadness, failure, success, peace, chaos, life, death, universe, Divinity, perfection, imperfections. These are your colours not painted by the society or by other humans, it is nature given. You’re being judged by the functionality of the physical (the human body), by the society’s predicted pattern of thinking “if it isn’t white, it’s black” I don’t mean colours. There is more beyond black and white.

Metaphysically human beings possess a triangular structure, this structure defines every existing human being. They’re the Body, the Being and the Spirit. Each structure has its definite function.

The Body: it is what completes a human being, it is the loud thoughts to other humans about whom you’re and what you physically look like.

The Being: it is the human personal domain. This is your own world, the home of imaginations, mind, creativity, thinking, the home of colours. The Being is powerful because it is the determinant factor of what you give to the society. Do not let the society penetrate it negatively. I need you to arouse the imaginations of your society, seduce their negative thinking and crush it positively. Broken, failure, lost, isn’t your name.

Today I give you another name, I name you Kintsukuroi (Japanese word).

“Kintsukuroi” means a Golden mend. It is repairing a broken pottery with liquid gold or silver making it more valuable, dignified and beautiful”. More beautiful for having been broken…

I don’t know how many times you have been broken into pieces but I know, you are repairable, you are important, you are amazing because you are like no other. Names

are shared but their isn’t any identical Beings. We all have one thing that no other got. The Being, the Spirit is not broken, awake and fail again, keep failing. I tell you what failure is.

I know you will wonder why FAILURE. Yes failure can awake a sleeping mind, failure is like a fire that forces the human thinking to change. There is nothing wrong with failing what matters is what you learn after it. One can fail many times that doesn’t mean you know nothing, that doesn’t mean you are incapable. Failure gives you the privilege to acquire more experience. There is no inventor, or people we see as greatest mind who didn’t fail. People still fail. Failure is not abominable or a sin. Failure is the mind lecturer, it questions your ability to focus more and understand more. Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is not the absence of success, failure is the inadequacy of the unknown.

What you do not know makes you fail. You write something and fail, you failed not because you are not smart but because there is something you did not place well and did not touch. Experience failure in life it defines you and shapes the mind. It is part of life’s continuity. Don’t let the society define the mental state of your personality. You don’t have to have it, just have what you have and be it. You don’t have to be the worthy[est] person in the room, you can be the smartest, the clown, the funniest, the finest, the most creative, be the most entertaining person in the room, just be in the room.


  • This article was written by our Jovita Nwanesi, an Abuja based Poetoscopist in commemoration of the World Mental Health Day.

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